Stakeholder Survey - Materiality Assessment


Your opinion counts
We are looking for your views on key topics pertaining to our bank's financial, economic, social and environmental performance.

By taking a few minutes to complete this short & simple and confidential survey, you can tell us directly which topics you regard as relevant (or not) for UBS and where we should set our focus.

The purpose of the UBS Stakeholder online survey is to assess topics of relevance to UBS's stakeholders as well as to the company. The result will be discussed by UBS senior management and considered in strategic discussions. It will be translated into a Materiality Matrix and displayed mid-March 2018 on our website By participating in this online survey you accept the following terms

The online survey is designed to be conducted on an anonymized basis using a secure https connection. As with any web-based tool, absolute security to prevent unauthorized access to data provided by you cannot be guaranteed . As a consequence, you are asked to not provide any information that may allow UBS or a third party to identify you personally.

UBS Switzerland AG ("UBS") has commissioned a third party service provider located in Switzerland to conduct the survey on its behalf. The third party service provider will collect the data you provide, send this data to UBS and then delete the data from their system within three months. Since the survey is anonymous, neither the third party service provider nor UBS or any UBS affiliate (collectively "UBS Group") will have any information that connects you personally to the information you have provided.

The information sent to UBS will be stored and further processed by UBS's Corporate Responsibility Management team in Switzerland in order to provide UBS Group with the results of the online survey. The data will be deleted by UBS within two years.

Each of the aforesaid data processors will ensure compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations insofar as personal data has been provided by the participant. Any information request regarding such data shall be directed to UBS Switzerland AG, P.O. Box, Attn.: Data Protection Officer, 8098 Zurich.

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